The winner of the European Championships in the pole sport and aerial acrobatics 2014


Aerial silk acrobat

Flavouring any party, ball, corporate event, birthday celebration or wedding with extraordinary atmosphere.

Who am IVideo

My name is Lucie

Acrobatics is both my hobby and profession.

I have gained my education at the University of Ostrava´s Department of Physical Education and the experience by changing countless sports disciplines from my early girlhood until my fateful encounter with acrobatics.

I’ve been paving my way towards the carrier of specialized aerial silk acrobat since 2003. It all started with juggling performances with the Cyberfire crew, the following years have affected me significantly by participation in epic shows of Cirkus trochu jinak (Circus in a slightly different way), especially then by multi-genre motion theater performance directed by prominent French choreographer Philipp Talard (Padající andělé – Falling Angels, Jiří Myron theatre, 2012). Golden medal at the European pole sport and aerial acrobatics championship 2014 is the most precious appreciation of my passion for aerial silks. Currently, I have exchanged competing for refereeing and commercial performances.

Performances offer

What can I do

Aerial dance

Aerial silk acrobatics is a movement art which combines gymnastics with dance, especially with ballet, interspersed with controlled falls. Unconventional fusion of dynamic dance compositions with elements of power acrobatics enchants the audience with fresh, energetic impressions. Charming dancer Luminity, dressed in thematic costume chosen appropriately according to the choreography, will launch your event with unforgettable performance. If there is enough darkness in the venue, the performance is especially impressive due to fluorescent silk that shines under ultraviolet light source.

Drawing with my body

This original movement performance, inspired by Heather Hansen’s art, mixes modern dance and visual arts. My smooth moves create symmetric abstract drawing on a large-format paper with high stock weight which is accompanied by a musical theme that complements the artistic experience. Whirling of the crayons on the surface in fact depicts dynamics of the movement. Resulting artwork can become unique decoration of both public and private premises.

Fire spinning

Both classic and unusual fire show. After the darkness falls, I can dance for you with burning fans, burning chains or with modern LED balls that are suitable also for the interiors. Ideal complement of a smaller-scale party.





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